Protection Packages

Paint Sealant -Guaranteed to Protect Your Paint against Fading or Oxidation

  • Bonds to the surface completely sealing the paint.
  • Creates a smooth, durable finish that protects your vehicle against the harsh Canadian environment.
  • Protects and enhances your vehicle's clear coat with no requirement for waxing or reapplication.
  • Preserves the look of your vehicle and its resale value.

Fabric Protection -Guaranteed To Protect Your Fabric from Staining

  • Ensures easy clean-up of spills to avoid permanent staining.
  • Penetrates each individual fiber to repel moisture and dirt, while the treated fabric remains open and breaths.
  • Will not alter the color or texture of your fabric or leave any residual odor.

Rust Spray -Guaranteed to Stop Rust Perforation

  • Seals your vehicle's inner body metal surfaces
  • Stops rust perforation from the inside out.
  • High pressure spray application ensures that all inner body panels are treated without drilling any holes.
  • Lengthens the life and structural integrity of your vehicle
  • Preserves the appearance and value of your vehicle.

Tire & Rim Protection -Guarantees the Damage Caused by Road Hazards

  • Flat tire repair, replacing un-repairable tires or rims if damaged and won't hold air.
  • All related taxes & levies, no deductible.
  • Mounting, balancing, installation plus covers original or replacement tires.
  • Available for all new and used vehicles.

Identification Code

A non-removable, police traceable identification code is permanently imprinted onto selected body panels of your vehicle. The identification code is registered into a national database that is cross-referenced to the manufacturer's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the selling dealership, and the vehicle's owner.

Warning Decal

Visible warning decals on the driver and front passenger windows identify the vehicle as being registered with a national theft prevention company. These decals warn thieves that the vehicle's key components are marked.

Theft Recovery

Security protection also aids in recovering stolen vehicles and assists you with related expenses, while discouraging thieves from stealing marked vehicles.

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